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Clifinar on top

Currently my clifinar page on blogger is the first result on google when you type the keyword clifinar. I am going to do my best to stay there, but clifinar is a very hard competition. I need to think about new seo ideas. Promoting such a keywords with lots of competition is quite hard. I really hope I will stay first oc clifinar. If you want to visit clifinar on blogger just click on clifinar!


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Clifinar second day

It is kind of hard to keep thinking about new ideas to promote clifinar.
It is getting more chalanging every day. What people have done until now is write blogs, free websites, social bookmarking and links. I still think we can promote clifinar in new unique ways. We just need to think about the optimized ways to do it. I wish I had time to think of innovative ways to promote clifinar all day. Unfortunately, I have work to do!
It’s funny, the Googlw spell checker does not yet know clifinar. I hope that soon it will be the most popular word on the web and all web dictionaries will know it.

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