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Clifinar Seminars were created to improve the knowledge of the Compucall seo team.
The CWM Competition is a new idea of Compucall Web Marketing to motivate its employees to implement its deep web marketing knowledge on seo tasks, in an interesting competition with other team members.
Clifinar is an integration of Clifton, the main lecturer at the Clifinars, and the word Seminar. Clifinar is the name Compucall decided to give to those interesting sessions.
Clifinar seems like a great way to learn tips for web marketing and get latest updates of the internet world and news.
Each clifinar has a different topic. Themes are selected by the Compucall management in accordance to the requirements of the company and the market.
Every Clifinar has a unique perspective and is performed by professionals on the web marketing arena. Clifinars are trasfered in CWM’s meeting room with special presentations, examples and real case studies.
Clifinar usually takes one hour and is happening twice a week. Each seminar leaves time for questions from the audience.
Within a short time, each clifinar will be recorded and added to the web in video format, and will probably be available to the entire web marketing community. Sites like Youtube and Metacafe will have a full seo section with clifinars.
The winner of each clifinar contest will get a lot of respect and also a nice price from the boss. The winner will be annonced on July 10th on a special CWM event.
I’m sure the participants will learn quite a lot about the we marketing world and will share their ideas after the competition ends.
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